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Pre-alpha Engine Screens | Witanlore: Dreamtime

Witanlore: Dreamtime is being developed by Druid Gameworks on Unreal Engine 4.

These are pre-alpha engine screens I have been given permission to post. I am the resident multimedia artist at Druid, but I also do 2D art, level design, lighting/post processing, and VFX. On top of that, I also take the official screenshots. Of course, these screens show the combined effort of several artists on the team.

Please note, because our game is currently at pre-alpha status everything in these shots is subject to change from lighting, to FX, even assets.

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00123

A Ray of Light in the Darkness

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00101

Valley Dungeon Assets

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00126

Valley Dungeon Assets

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