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Reimagining the Fall - Halo: Reach | Character Portraits

Character portraits I worked on for an article about a reimagined fall of Reach written by my good friend Joseph. You can read it here:

This was a joint effort. I was provided 3D renders from Source Filmmaker from both the author of the article and another Halo community member MetalHeadSpartan. I used those elements to build the final composite in After Effects.

Joshua ezzell emile portrait final

Emile | "He may say that what he wants is to win the war, but what he really wants is for the enemy to die."

Joshua ezzell kat portrait final

Kat | "This one seems to like me. Someone kill it."

Joshua ezzell carter portrait final

Carter | "Spartans never die, Jorge, they're just missing in action."

Joshua ezzell jun portrait final

Jun | "I kill the enemy, but do not hate them."

Joshua ezzell jorge portrait final

Jorge | "The big man was sentimental."