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Witanlore: Dreamtime | Cinematic Videos

Two videos I worked on with Druid Gameworks on our game Witanlore: Dreamtime.

The prologue cinematic was a joint effort between myself, our project manager Cole Maclean, our concept artist Leo Borazio (, and our composer João Guerra. The artwork was digitally painted in layers by Leo and I used them to animate, composite and add visual effects to in Adobe After Effects.

The cinematic Elk teaser was done by our lead 3D artist Paul Le Henaff, our composer João Guerra, and myself. The teaser was created using Unreal Engine 4. Paul did the animation for the Elk. I set up the scene, lighting, and camera animations. I rendered the scene from UE4 and made the remaining polished edits in After Effects (this was the days before Sequencer had been added).

Witanlore: Dreamtime | Prologue Cinematic

Witanlore: Dreamtime | Cinematic Teaser

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00141 sharp
Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00145
Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00143
Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00142
Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00144

Spear asset made by 3D artist Paul Le Henaff

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00135

Scene building WIP

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00138

Scene building WIP - Rock Materials by Me

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00139

Scene building WIP - Added Grass and Foliage