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Pre-alpha Engine Screens | Witanlore: Dreamtime

Witanlore: Dreamtime is being developed by Druid Gameworks on Unreal Engine 4.

These are pre-alpha engine screens I have been given permission to post. I am the resident multimedia artist at Druid, but I also do 2D art, level design, lighting/post processing, and VFX. On top of that, I also take the official screenshots. Of course, these screens show the combined effort of several artists on the team.

Please note, because our game is currently at pre-alpha status everything in these shots is subject to change from lighting, to FX, even assets.

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00094

The Dreamworld

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00130

In the Labyrinth

Joshua ezzell highresscreenshot00133

Lighting the Path